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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Miss Polly

The Hot Spot

Hello Im Miss Polly. I will dominate and humiliate you until you squirm !

I am a gorgeous well-spoken , privately-educated, English career girl.
I am UNSHOCKABLE, so far!!!!

Would you like to try ??

I will make you little perverts beg to be put in your place! And that is at My feet!As you well know!!


show Me your useless dicklet on cam and hear me laugh at your pathetic maggot!!

obey My every whim no matter how much you beg!

worship My pretty feet!

confess ALL your filthy desires!

I will humiliate you again and again !

do unspeakable things to yourself for MY amusement!

give Me your personal details until I own you !

be My slave for ever and in everyway !


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